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When your dog looks his/her best, they feel their best. Our groomer takes her time to get your dog comfortable before a groom and keeps your dog calm throughout. Your dog is not just any dog, he/she is more than that not only to you, but to RSF as well and will be treated like doggie royalty.

We offer full grooming, tidy ups, bath and brush, teeth cleaning, anal glands, ear cleaning and nail trimming. Specific breed cuts and hand stripping are available. De-matting is extra but if the mats are bad, the dog will not be subjected to painful brush outs.

All shampoos used are high quality but we can also use vet prescribed shampoo if your dog has skin issues. Just bring in their special shampoo when you drop them off.

Grooming is available Monday – Thursday and some Saturdays as well. Call today to book your dog’s next appointment.

Appointment times: 9:00, 9:30, 12:00. 1:00, 2:00 Rates: Vary depending on breed

*Grooming takes time to be done correctly. Appointment lengths vary based on dog’s temperament, coat condition, etc. Average is 3-4 hours but can vary.