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Do you have a puppy, rambunctious pooch or a dog with separation anxiety? RSF is your answer for all of the above. Why leave your dog home alone while you’re working all day? After all, a bored pooch left on his/her own is sure to stir up some trouble while you’re away. Instead, why not drop your dog off at RSF for a fun filled day with both human and doggie companions? You work hard…let your dog play hard.

Your dog will enjoy playing with friends and toys in a social environment. Dogs are naturally pack animals. Let your dog fulfill his/her natural desire to be social. RSF staff focus on each dog and we know each and every dog’s personality.

Dogs are bound to get tired and we have beds available for them to rest after playing. Your dog will have outdoor bathroom breaks three times a day and will have a couple treats throughout the day. Come try us out…your pooch will be glad you did.

Full Day: $35 including HST
Half Day: $25 including HST (up to 5 hours)
$5+ HST per hour (1-2 hours)

Pick up and drop off service is also available for $6 + HST each way